Watch Out, #AfterSex Selfies Are Happening

There once was a time when the "cool" thing to do on Instagram was to publicly post one's passport and license. The various hashtags associated with said pictures were swiftly banned as they obviously posed a safety threat. (Duh, guys.)
The latest trend cropping up on iPhones everywhere is #AfterSex. It's exactly what you think it is, but also not what you think it is. If you're looking for nudity and generally NSFW material, head on over to Pornostagram. #AfterSex is a series of shots showing post-coital bliss. Well, some are more blissful than others.
While the concept of capturing that most intimate of moments has been done countless of times by student and professional photographers alike, removing it from the umbrella of art entirely is a new take. The meme makes casual sex a social, shareable, likable thing. It's a sign of how transparent social media has made us. Though, it could also be a mark of how self-involved social media has made us — we're practically asking pals to watch, even applaud, what we do behind closed doors. Have we really, finally gone too far?
Photo: via @trubochnik.
Photo: via @jjsantangelo.

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