The Most Lucrative College Degree Is…

A fascinating new college study is out, and, well, let's just say that you liberal arts majors may want to go ahead and stick your fingers in your ears and chant "la la la." Computer science majors, on the other hand, are in for some very good news.
According to PayScale, which tracks salaries in the U.S., nine of the top 10 most lucrative college programs is computer science, the sole exception being an economics degree from Stanford. Those with a Bachelor of Science from California's Harvey Mudd College (no, we'd never heard of it either), showed the highest earnings, followed by MIT, Caltech, and Stanford. Bad news, right-brainers.
Because those schools have hefty tuition fees, the study also ranked universities which offer the best bang for your buck. Provided one is an in-state student, the University of Virginia, offers the best value, particularly when majoring in economics, computer science, business, or engineering.
Be sure to pass this info on to Mom and Dad. Unless, of course, you have your heart set on studying dance and German at a teeny-tiny arts school —in which case, we say screw the study and follow your dream. (The Atlantic)

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