Are You Eco-Friendly Enough To Share A Cab With A Stranger?

GodgOfpDhyNt--WTN1bVVbw72oC-ldVL21BQnMb5R6kPhotographed by Ruby Yeh.
Each day, fleets of cabs fly past us on the street. It's one of the many distinctly metropolitan traits that defines our fair city. But, if we all took time to consider the possible waste these vehicles emit, we might reconsider the charm (and convenience) of a street full of taxis.
MIT explored New York City travel patterns using our ever-increasing interconnectedness and smart technologies, and the results are quite astounding. Of the 170 million taxi trips that occur each year across the city, it appears we could reduce the number of rides by 40% if we considered cab sharing. So, MIT rolled out HubCab, a sustainable-travel initiative to help encourage cab shares. While some of you may resist the (minor) inconvenience of riding around with strangers, just imagine how much less congested our roads would be if we put this into practice. Not to mention less honking, lower CO2 emissions, and (hopefully) lower cab bills. Who wouldn't love a cheaper cab ride? Also, we'd like to point out if you didn't hit it off with anyone at the bar, at least you have one more shot at finding love on the way home. (Fast Co. Design)