Meet The Tibetan Mastiff, The World’s Priciest Pooch

rexusa_1710370aPhoto: Stock Connection/REX USA.
There's your everyday pound puppy, and then there are expensive luxury dogs. The Tibetan Mastiff is a really expensive dog. In fact, after a Chinese businessman bought one for $2 million this weekend, the breed is officially the most expensive in the world.
Known for their lusciously huge hair and fierce loyalty, the dogs were once used to herd sheep in Tibet. Recently, they've become something of a status symbol for China's elite. The Mastiff's life expectancy is shorter than most dog breeds, but that hasn't stopped the super rich from shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!) to claim one of coveted canines.
Breeder Zhang Gengyun sold the investment piece fluff monster at a luxury dog fair, and revealed that the buyer plans on using it to breed more Tibetan Mastiffs, The South China Morning Post reports. According to Gengyun, the dogs have become as revered in China as the giant panda. That's all well and good, but the real question here is: Where is this luxury dog fair, and how do we get a ticket? (Gawker)

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