Did That “First Kiss” Viral Video Spawn A Real Relationship?

You know what, we're just gonna put this out there and see what happens. We didn't feel at all betrayed by the fact that the now massively viral "First Kiss" video was an ad for Wren. Actually, we knew it from the very start because, hey, it says so right in the very first seconds. Plus, it was so good, we couldn't possibly mind.
Well, now here's more news that backs up our love for the viral spot. As Wren designer Melissa Coker told MTV, while the actors and models involved were professionals, the awkward situation Coker's team put them into were most definitely real. "Well, there's some people whose profession is actor, but it's L.A. after all, I can't help but have actor friends," she said. "Everything that you see is 100 percent authentic and real and exactly as how the video explains it."
She continues to tell MTV that one of the pairings, director Marianna Palka and musician Soko (the only all-woman pair), may — we stress may — have led to something more. We quote MTV here: "'I know [they] left the shoot together and went and spent the day in the park,' Coker said, also revealing that the two later hung out at an event." Palka was involved with actor Jason Ritter for a very long time, and we're not sure they're over, so we can't be sure about any of this. It does, however, underscore that the interactions and the connections made — be they friendships or something more — were real, even if it was all a big ad. (MTV)
Video: Via YouTube.

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