Um, Why Do Celebs Need Verified Tinder Accounts?

tinder-celebrityPhoto: Courtesy Tinder.
Seriously, those celebrities get all the things. Brands give them free clothes, free phones, free vacations, and free makeup. They also get VIP access everywhere they go and super-special verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, we're hearing that even when they wade into the swipe-able online dating pool of Tinder, they're getting certified accounts to help them with their hookups. What gives? Is it that hard for the famouses to find a date?
Actually, it's not what you think. For the most part, when you happen to come across an image of a famous face on Tinder, it's not Ryan Gosling or Jared Leto on the hunt for extracurricular fun. Hate to burst your bubble. It's usually just a user having fun with their image, trying to get a laugh. Most people assume the celeb shots are fake and just swipe left.
However, as The Hollywood Reporter found out from Tinder's CEO, some celebrities really are using the app, meaning their chances of making a match are hurt by all those fakers. So, they've thrown those single-and-searching stars a line with certified accounts. Now, why exactly the celebs he claims have used the site — Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban, and [shiver] Lindsay Lohan — can't use their charm, wealth, and considerable good looks to find companionship at whatever party or press junket they're at, we can't say. Maybe, despite their public lives (or because of them) they're just as shy as the rest of us. Or, maybe they're just up all night alone in their Laurel Canyon homes, looking to swipe a little action. (Hollywood Reporter)

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