Whaling: The Coolest Arrival Trend You’re Not Doing

Some of us shake it like a red nose, others drop it like an earth quake, a small percentage wakes up like this (hey, Bey), but as for us? We whale.
Whale in the morning. Whale in the evening. Whale, whale, whale all the way home. How doth one whale, you ask? More importantly, what constitutes as whaling? Well, curious readers, let us make a whaler out of you. Its genesis story is simple: On the first day, one created a Vine of themselves hurling backward, tagged it as #whaling, and suddenly the Koons is me a trend was born. If you're confused by the title, just imagine a whale breaching and then imagine a human trying to do that in public spaces. If you're not hip to that scene, picture The Little Mermaid's Ariel, the O.G. of #whaling, emerging from the sea, flipping her hair back. Or, you can just watch the following Vines.
Whale-ya later!

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