Naked Tourism Is Happening, Man

1nakedopenerPhoto: Courtesy of My Naked Trip.
Prepare to rue the day you ever made fun of Bermuda shorts, fanny packs, and Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts. It seems travelers are ditching the usual tourist gear in favor of, well, nothing. Yep. Just you, your birthday suit, and Machu Picchu.
The Peruvian landmark appears to be the major stomping ground for practitioners of "naked tourism." The tourist site has had to bulk up security in response to several streakings, and images of nude travelers (such as My Naked Trip) perched atop the rocks are popping up everywhere. (Mental note: Bring some Purell if you're planning to visit anytime soon.)
While shedding clothes on your vacay isn't unheard of, it's usually at nudist resorts or the odd topless beach in Greece. Is this just an extreme take on "take only pictures, leave only footprints"? A sly protest against outrageous luggage fees? Or, have you really not seen the South Pole until you've dropped trou, Skarsgård-style? (Gawker)

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