Long-Distance Blind Dates Are A Thing Now

embePhoto: Courtesy of TriStar Pictures.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but one dating service may be taking that a step too far. In order to bridge the gender gaps in cities like New York and San Francisco, The Dating Ring is offering to fly singles across the country to meet cute — and the public is paying for this privilege. Bring on the Skype calls and airline miles!
The matchmaking start-up has already raised $3,260 on the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt in the name of "cross-country love." According to CEO Lauren Kay, single women in New York City outnumber bachelors, while the opposite is true in the Bay Area. Shine is quick to note that her stats may not be accurate, but Kay insists that committing to fly to the opposite coast proves that you're ready to meet your match. "If you have to film a video, crowdfund a campaign, wait two months, and fly across the country for a date, you might take that date a little more seriously," she argues.
Sure, but is flying back and forth, settling for Skype dates, and stressing about a possible relocation really worth the trouble? Imagine how bummed you'd be if you caught a red-eye, only to discover that your date doesn't believe in global warming or picks his teeth at the table? Then again, anything is possible.
Would you travel across the country for a blind date? Or, does that stuff only work in Tom Hanks rom-coms? (Shine)

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