Possibly Disgusting New Alarm Clock Is Guaranteed To Wake You Up

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Are you a snoozer? We're all snoozers. Really, is there anything better than slapping your alarm clock, wrapping those covers tight around you, and nodding off for five more minutes of sweet, sweet oblivion? Well, actually there is...bacon.
This is the concept behind Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, a proposed alarm-clock app that may very well be a viral marketing scam (we can't confirm at this time). Oscar Mayer, the fine purveyor of sliced meats, claims to have developed an iPhone-linked alarm clock that will emit a bacon scent when it goes off. In theory, the smell of frying, cured pork will have you hopping right out from under the covers with the (false) promise of a hot, greasy breakfast simmering in the kitchen.
While the iPhone app is already up on the iTunes store, Oscar Mayer says the actual scent-spraying device isn't available for purchase. Instead, the company claims to be sending out test models to people who want to be Official Bacon Beta Testers. (You can sign up here.)
Does this smell — pardon the pun — like fanciful, fictional marketing? You bet your bacon. Just look at the absurd video below. Would it actually work if such a magical device become available? We vote yes, particularly with vegetarians who'd jump out of bed just to get away from all that stinky sizzle. In the meantime, we'll just have to nuzzle under the covers and dream that this potential hoax comes to reality. (PC Magazine)
Video: Via YouTube.

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