That Time Per Se Failed Its Health Inspection

per-se-2Photo: Deborah Jones.
Any New Yorker knows that, when it comes to dining, there are two truths by which you should live. First, you should probably avoid a restaurant with a C rating. Second, Per Se is the best restaurant in town — or, at least the most highly acclaimed. But, according to a new report, Per Se just earned itself a C rating.
Apparently, the fine dining establishment received a whopping 42 violation points during a February 19 inspection. But, you won't see a "C" hanging in its window — the restaurant will post a "Grade Pending" sign. How severe are the violations at hand, though? Thankfully, there are no notes about rodents. But, there are some serious red flags about food preparation and general cleanliness. The report details inadequate temperatures for both hot and cold food storage, a lack of hand-washing facilities near the food-prep area and bathroom, and a collection of soiled wiping cloths. Plus, there are references to a plumbing issue and the use of either tobacco or open food/drink in the prep area.
Sure, these may not be major concerns in your opinion. But, it does tarnish Per Se's otherwise immaculate reputation. The campaign for dollar slices has never been stronger. (Gawker)