Spa Parties Are A Thing Now

Sometimes the hardest part of going out on a Saturday night is figuring out what to wear. Is the place dressy? And, if you want to dance, should you bring a spare pair of shoes? If you know what we mean, then you'll probably appreciate the super weird trend that is the spa party. Hosted by Body By Brooklyn, it's essentially a rave that happens at (you guessed it) a spa. We're intrigued mostly because the thought of wearing flip-flops for a night of dancing sounds amazing.
So, what exactly happens at a spa party? According to Thrillist, you get inflatable pool toys and free food. But, you'll need cash for the bar, and the party's BYOR (bring your own robe). Amid the music and the TVs playing cartoons, you can also take advantage of actual spa services if you'd like.
The next party is happening on March 9. As they say, only in New York. (Thrillist)