MObama Has Cara Delevingne Brows Now

rexusa_1910377sPhoto: Rex USA.
If someone told us a first lady was going to borrow a signature beauty look from an of-the-moment model, we probably wouldn't immediately think, "Michelle Obama and Cara Delevingne — obviously." But, it seems that MObama is taking a cue from modeldom's resident misfit, copping Delevingne's trademark full brows. The Telegraph reported on the first lady's newly full, natural-looking brows, dubbing her look both a "power brow" and a "superbrow."
But, of course, there's no such thing as unanimous agreement when it comes to matters of beauty. A Telegraph source questions whether MObama's new bushy brows are a natural shape for her face, and claims a thinner, more defined arch would make her look younger. For our part, we're big fans of the au naturel brow look. We think these softer, fuller brows flatter her face more than the pencil-thin, severe arches she was sporting a year ago. Plus, this makes for a totally legit explanation of her buzzed-about experiment with bangs — hello, instant forehead-camouflage! Weigh in on the new versus old brows below in the comments. (The Cut)

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