Buxom’s New Lip Glosses Match Your Name & Spirit

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Since we're all unique snowflakes, no two people will ever have the exact same makeup preferences. Buxom's new lip-gloss line was created with this in mind. Each of the 100 different shades (yes, two zeroes there) represents a different personality, with a cute real-girl name to go with it. It's cheeky and adorable, and we love when there's some fun creativity involved with our lippie decisions.
The branding of the collection asks, "What's your namesake shade?" Of course, our own names don't really line up with the colors we'd picked, but it sure is funny to see what they selected for us. The closest to my name is "Gabby," a mauve plum, represented with a drawing of a woman in fishnets holding what I can only assume is a whip. So apparently, my lip-gloss spirit animal is...a dominatrix? Neat!
Also worth noting: The palest, prettiest shade of pink is named Kimberly, which just so happens to be my dog's name — and she is the same pale-pink poodle color. So, though my own lip-gloss namesake wasn't exactly on-brand for me, apparently my dog's shade is right on the money. Go figure.
Check out the line and let us know if you think this is as cute as we do.
Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Kimberly, $19, available at Sephora.

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