Lena Dunham Took The Buzzfeed “Girls” Quiz

lena_embedPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
Lena Dunham has spoken: The apocalypse is upon us. Chances of shattered egos, confused personalities, and a deluge of BuzzFeed quizzes are high. Brace yourselves, for a Dunham prophecy is not to be taken lightly.
Alright, alright, perhaps a Dunham prophecy should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of millennial doubt. Girls' lead girl took BuzzFeed's "Which Girls Character Are You?" quiz and, surprisingly, did not get Hannah Horvath. She got Marnie Michaels, which means the end of the world is nigh, obviously.
Is Dunham really a Marnie? Since she's created all the characters, the answer has to be maybe. BuzzFeed's quiz algorithm might be a wee-bit off, too. The Washington Post uncovered a cheat sheet for BF quizzes made by Aaron Bycoffe of The Huffington Post. He's basically cracked the code to getting the answers you want, not need. Use it at your own will, but, honestly, these quizzes aren't the be all, end all of your personality.
This humble author took the quiz and got Elijah, which, despite his valiant efforts to scoff it off, is probably true. Though, superstition is an easy rabbit hole to fall down. Before you know it, the apocalypse is happening and you're cursing yourself for not believing Dunham when you had the chance. Tread these quizzical roads lightly, folks. (Washington Post)