Finally, Your Cat Can Take Selfies, Too!

cat-selfie-inPhoto: Courtesy Incredible Things.
We know you. You are, despite various setbacks, doing pretty well for yourself. You've got good friends, the beginnings of an interesting career, and killer style. The one thing you don't have, the one thing you've never had, was a selfie from your cat. Tragic.
Now, that can change any time. Thanks to this little post over here (Incredible Things, indeed), we've discovered Cat Snap, an app that, yes, allows cats to take their own selfies. Simply put, the app displays a moving red dot, animated mouse, bug, or other critter on your iPhone or Android smartphone screen. When your feline friend touches the target — SNAP — instant selfie! The things we can do with technology these days.
Now, unlike Instagram, there are no filters yet to allow your cat to play with color and tone. (Though it should be noted that cats are somewhat color-blind, so they're not missing much, anyways.) Regardless, now all your feline needs is a few props, and he or she can join the selfie Olympics, just as nature intended. (Incredible Things)

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