Literary Love Meets The Infographic, Enlightenment Abounds

Well, we're in the thick of the annual Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day. While some people revel in pink heart socks, blouses with cute heart peekaboos, and maybe even a red bow, others begrudgingly wake up, sigh, and throw on all black because that's what this holiday calls for (or, they live in New York City where all black everything is a daily uniform). Whatever category you fall in, there's a book for you, because when your S.O. and/or friends can't hang out, fictional friends and foes are there for you — no matter what. (Disclaimer: That's meant to be more touching than a backhanded affirmation.)
Advertisement has narrowed the entire literary canon down to 14 romances that make perfect Valentine's Day couch dates. (Get it? 14 books for February 14? God, a good numerical knee-slapper gets us every time.) Now, the breakdown of types of relationships gets pretty specific, so don't worry if you find yourself scrolling up, down, and back up again because some nuance in the middle of the graphic felt more "you." Relationship enlightenment awaits! Godspeed.
infographicPhoto: Courtesy of Goodreads.

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