Harrods May Be Coming To New York

rexusa_1861132bPhoto: London News Pictures/REX USA.
We've welcomed some pretty amazing U.K. retailers to NYC in recent years. Needless to say, we're pretty much over the moon about it. First, we greeted Topshop with open arms. Dover Street Market set up shop just a few months ago. And now, it looks like luxe department store Harrods may soon develop a hotel in Manhattan.
Chairman Ahmad Al-Sayed told British Vogue that the retailer is eyeing New York, but is also looking at "other prime cities" and he's keen on extending the brand beyond the U.K. "I invest in retail, I invest in commodities, I invest in infrastructure — I invest in different kinds of [businesses]," he explained. We're excited that Harrods may be the newest resident of NYC, but, honestly, we would prefer a department store to a hotel. Though, we can't say we've never imagined spending a night there — having a sleepover with the shoe department! A Harrods hotel may be as close as we'll ever get. (Vogue UK)