Facebook Is In A Relationship With Valentine’s Day

facebook_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Facebook.
Either we're all too busy to think about love or we're just procrastinators by default. According to a Facebook study, most men — and women — wait until the week of Valentine's Day (a.k.a. this week) to plan their day/evening/romantic gesture. You'd think that we'd get it out of the way since we're inundated with red and pink heart-shaped things the day after Christmas ends. Oh well, it doesn't take an army to plan one dinner, so we kind of empathize with the statistics.
Facebook's poll and analysis of past V-Day activity shows two things: People do, indeed, have love on their minds, and it's kids who think it's alright. Over half of Facebook's users engaging in some sort of romantic venture were 34-years-old and below. Their words of affection being "love," "life," "presents," "God," and "chocolate." (Hey, gotta get that aphrodisiac somehow.) All of it seems to pay off on the romantic front, too, as Facebook reports that nearly two million users change their status to "In A Relationship" during the year's amorous week. A solid percentage of those lovebirds even put a ring on it. How romantic. For more on the study, head on over here. In the meantime, we V-Day procrastinators best make some dinner reservations. (Facebook)

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