Wingman Is Tinder For Frequent Flyers

bridesmaids-melissa-mccarthy-airplanePhoto: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Don't worry, it's one of the most exclusive fraternities in the world for a reason, because convincing a perfect stranger to hook up with you in a putrid, tiny restroom is more difficult than reading Ulysses with your eyes closed.
That's where Gabe Whaley comes in.
The 24-year-old entrepreneur is in the early stages of developing a new app called Wingman, which is being called Tinder for the sky. It works the same way that the ultra-popular dating app does, by letting you swipe through photos of other singles in your vicinity. If there's a match, you can then message each other using the in-flight Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities.
We think a Wingman exchange will go something like this:
"So, are you excited to get to Prague?"
"I can't wait!"
"Me neither. What row are you in?"
"I'm sitting in 6A, right in between the rabbi and the air guitarist."
"Cool. Wanna meet in the washroom in ten?"
"Done. I'll bring the pretzels."
If that sounds like something you might be into, click here to read more about Wingman, coming to an app store near you. (The Daily Beast)

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