Sexting Makes The Heart Grow Fonder — Yup

irl-1Designed by Gabriela Alford.
Well, according to a new Pew survey, if you do dally in sexting, you're a member of the growing norm. As cited by The Daily Beast, the study found that 74% of all respondents indicated that internet communication — be it email, chat, or, yeah, sexts — has improved their relationships. That's a somewhat different message from the old, and now probably outdated, notion that digital communication is cheapening the back and forth between couples.
Sexting, too, is now almost fully mainstreamed. In the poll, researchers found that 42% of their subjects have received what could reasonably be called a "sext" while 23% have owned up to sending one. With a little more than half as many giving than receiving, it seems there's a crucial sext gap. We could surmise that it runs along gender lines, but one never knows, does one?
Another interesting number the Beast throws out in its entertaining breakdown of the numbers (which you've gotta check out), is the stat indicating that 67% of couples share passwords to a joint online account, while 27% share passwords to their individual accounts. More than sexting or dirty g-chatting, this is perhaps the most divisive issue brought up by the survey, and the one that indicates changes in popular ideas of personal boundaries as expressed through digital means.
Even we romantics, who would like nothing more than to be able to trust another soul with our login, blanch at the idea of a complete and utter openness such as that. But that's just us. What about you? Would you share your passwords with your boo? Do you sext with your partner? Is all this digital sexiness just too much for you? Let us know in the comments below. (The Daily Beast)

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