The Definitive Guide To Choosing & Using Blush

Oh, blush. At its worst (applied with too heavy a hand), it has the power to make you look as if you should be piled into a tiny car with 17 other people. At its best, it provides a glow on par with the one acquired while skiing. Problem is, how do you decipher which product will give you the latter without making you look like the former? We're asking the tough questions today, guys.
Get a handle on blush's myriad iterations and which ones will suit you, whether you want a prim pop of color or you're going for full-on Alexis Colby Carrington of Dynasty. From liquid to powder, gel to cream, we've got the scoop on the best blush for your skin type; plus application tips to make sure you're making the most of your formula. Read on for our don’t-be-a-stooge guide to rouge.
Photo: MCV/Firstview.

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