Yogis Who Watch Homeland With Cats Are The Best Online Dates

PhoneProfile1_LyNgo_slideIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Most people can hardly take their foot out of their mouth when they say they know what so-and-so gender wants. Everything is subjective, yes, but the power of science and statistics provides a solid baseline to grow off of.
Take Wired.com's incredibly in-depth infographic outlining the various ways one can optimize their online dating profile. The tech pub — along with Match.com and OkCupid — crunched the numbers so you can optimize your profile to find whatever it is your little heart desires.
Take cats, for example: It reflects better on the user if they use "cats" rather than refer to their feline friends as "my cats." It's more attractive to like them than to be a cat person. (For the record, you can use "my cats" around us any day.) You're basically an online dating magnet if your profile mentions surfing, yoga, or Homeland (bonus points if all three!). "Retirement" is apparently more attractive for men to say than for a woman, but that's the numbers talking. You're an all-star in our book if you're a woman who happens to love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, does yoga with cats, and has plans for retirement. Just don't mention Twilight; that's one thing that'll have potential dates swiping left. (Wired)

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