A Williamsburg Apartment So Luxe, It'll Make You Forget You're In Williamsburg

willamsburg-apartmentPhoto: Courtesy 101 Bedford.
We've been aware of the growing slab of luxury real estate across from Williamsburg's McCarren Park for months now. In fact, 101 Bedford's "Building D" is kinda hard to miss. Now, thanks to a little snooping from DNAInfo, we have the inside skinny on the project's interiors and amenities — a menu of posh extras that's sure to have some in Wburg drooling and perhaps throwing huge amounts of shade.
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williamsburg-apartments-2Photo: Courtesy DNAInfo.
In what was, in the late '90s, a blighted post-industrial landscape of be-denimed ur-hipsters, brand-new, shiny apartment complexes custom made for the city's financial and digital professionals have become commonplace. This particular brand-new, shiny apartment complex, however, sports a roof deck with a mini-beach — making actually going downstairs to McCarren pool, which is a three-minute walk away, pointless. As well, because it's — you know — in Williamsburg, the building on Bedford Avenue between North 11th and 12th also features recording and photography studios. As to whether musicians and photographers will actually be able to afford the studios and four-bedroom apartments, there is no word — though the starting price of $2,450 is consistent with the neighborhood's current pricing considering those hardwood floors.
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williamsburg-apartments-3Photo: Courtesy DNAInfo.
Add in the heated sidewalks, 2,500-square-foot fitness center, indoor pool and hot tub, men and women’s saunas, and a billiards room, and, yeah, it's almost like you're not in Williamsburg at all. We'd like to engage in some serious eye roll here, but, honestly, we could really use an in-building sauna. (DNAInfo)

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