Never Have A Dull Night In NYC With Fever App

embed-feverscreenshot-3_ENPhoto: Courtesy of Fever.
On any given night, New Yorkers can choose from an impressive list of art exhibits, concerts, plays, festivals, and parties. And, while it's wonderful to have all of these options available to us, it can be a blessing and a curse to have so many choices. FOMO, anyone? How do you navigate through all of the emails and invites and finally decide what to do? Well, the newest mobile app on the scene may remedy all of your nightlife worries in one swift download.
Fever, the lifestyle app that functions as a "social-discovery platform," works to organize and curate a top-notch list of happenings you'll want to attend. Each day, Fever selects 10 events that are personalized for you based on your interests. From there, you can see if of your friends are attending any of them and buy tickets straight from the app. It's a simple, streamlined way to discover all of the cool things going on in the city. Ready to check it out? Download the app for free, here.