Recess For Adults Is Now A Thing

Adult_Recess_1Photo: Image Source/REX USA.
In a city where one can participate in coed, naked yoga, it shouldn't surprise us that New York is now home to adult recess classes. Yes, recess — that glorious 30 minutes per day from your childhood, when you could run amok and just be a kid. We're talking relay races, freeze tag, and even some solid crab walking.
Reporter Julia Lawlor from The New York Times went to one of these sessions on the Upper West Side. And, what she experienced was nothing short of amazing. Lawlor writes that many of the activities required the attendees to "summon our inner animals." Think crustaceans, gorillas, and inchworms. Instructor Eva Pelegrin told Lawlor "As kids, our only agenda was fun. We're trying to bring the fun back into movement." Fun is the exact word we'd use to describe a class that involved wheelbarrow races, hopscotch, and circle time.

Lawlor says it was a great cardio workout, and we imagine the point of such a class is to disguise the fact that you're exercising, the way Zumba does for some people. If you're having fun, you're less likely to give up. Plus, having mini competitions appeals to those who crave a feeling of instant gratification from their workout. Perhaps most appealing, though, is that the adult recess classes are packed with more nostalgia than a BuzzFeed list.