Apple's Fifth Ave. Flagship Falls Victim To Snowstorm Janus

embedapple-cubePhoto: Courtesy of Instagram/Krissyhotdogs.
Ahh, snow. Everything's all fun and games until a snowblower comes raging toward a glass structure. The Fifth Avenue Apple flagship store, known for its iconic glass-cube entrance, took an unexpected hit yesterday during snowstorm Janus. Clean-up crews using snowblowers shattered a 32-foot-tall glass panel from the hexahedron, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
The store, which sits across the street from Central Park, will remain open. Passersby took to Instagram to document destruction. According to 9to5Mac, the panel will cost $450,000 to replace. Hey, at least Janus spared your iPhone screen from destruction, and went right for the big guns. Way to go, J., you're certainly the most annoying snowstorm of the season. Unfortunately, you're probably not the last. (Buzzfeed)

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