Cat Licks Baby Clean, Is Cutest Au Pair Ever

Rich people, you don't need to pay an au pair more than a Condé Nast editor. This cat will do just as good a job for a can of tuna fish. We mean, granted, after it cleans your newborn, your little one may smell like that can of tuna fish. But, just think of the savings!
Moreover, a cat au pair can defend your newborn with its sharp claws and doesn't need its own room. Your average cat au pair is just as content to sleep on the floor or on your white, suede couch. Also, just look at the love on display here. It's a very rare au pair that can offer that. Finally, if and when your cat au pair cleans your precious baby, you can always film it and put the results on YouTube and delight millions. Yep, this is a good idea.
Video: Via YouTube.

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