Vogue Australia Does Injustice To Cate Blanchett’s Skin

1cateblanchettPhoto: Via Vogue Australia.
There are certain truths we hold dear. One of them is that Cate Blanchett's skin is so fabulously flawless, so gorgeously luminous, that we actually thought that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was just one really long skin-care commercial. It's no wonder that SK-II has tapped the Golden Globe winner to front its campaigns, prompting us to spend our paychecks at the beauty counter in the hopes of achieving just a fraction of that radiance. And that, folks, is why the February 2014 cover of Vogue Australia has thrown us for a major loop.
Whether it's down to airbrushing, a bad angle, or an overdose of bronzing powder, Gucci-clad cover girl Blanchett's skin looks suspiciously mottled. It's not just that we're used to seeing her looking like a porcelain doll rather than rocking a sun-kissed glow. Here, her normally creamy complexion appears to be dry and splotchy, lacking the luminous quality for which the Blue Jasmine star is revered. What gives?
It's a shame the Aussie mag couldn't give its hometown girl the glam treatment she deserves. Imagine how many issues it'd sell if it just let her go bare-faced! (Fashion Copious)