What The Girls Wardrobe Really Looks Like

1Photo: Via The Coveteur.
The reasons we're thrilled that Girls is back for season three are many. For one thing, our brunch conversations just haven't been the same without discussions of topless ping-pong and Shoshanna's hair. But, let's be real: Even though Girls gets its fair share of praise/flack for its gratuitous nudity, the clothes are a huge part of the story, too. What would Hannah be without her little sailor coat, an ultimate symbol of her vulnerability with Adam? How are we to know that Jessa's feeling saucy if she doesn't slip into her red-silk, rose-covered robe? (Besides the fact that Jessa is forever feeling saucy, that is.)
To get the inside scoop on how she creates Girls' amazing wardrobe, The Coveteur went behind the scenes with the show's costume designer, Jenn Rogien. Click through for the full story, plus plenty of pics. From shorteralls and fruit-printed separates to, yes, Hannah's floral undies and neon-mesh party top, the pieces you'll wanna peek are right here. (The Coveteur)

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