Meet The Cragel — New York’s Latest Food Hybrid

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.02.18 PMPhoto: Courtesy of @weatethatblog.
So, while we were all busy fussing over and standing in line for the cronut, a new hybrid popped up in our fair city, and it almost went unnoticed. It seems Brooklyn's Bagel Store came to play with its own carb-heavy creation last fall, which is part bagel and part croissant. Meet the cragel.
And, with that, breakfast just got even more glorious. The Bagel Store's latest offering can only be described as a flakey, buttery treat, and we can't wait to get our paws on one. The Williamsburg hot spot sells the hybrid for $2.95 — a full two bucks cheaper than the Dominique Ansel cronut. Best of all, it seems there's no significant line for these, so you don't have to wake before dawn to enjoy one.
Will the cragel dethrone the cronut once and for all? While we're not so sure about that, we definitely don't need any convincing to to get over to the Bagel Store and try one for ourselves — stat. (Gothamist)