Martha Stewart Spends HOW Much On Her Beauty Routine?

rexusa_1815034aoPhoto: Everett Collection/REX USA.
There's a reason that 72-year-old Martha Stewart doesn't look a day over 51: money. Lots and lots of money. Specifically, money that goes into a beauty routine so elaborate, it got its own article in The New York Times. Honestly, our eyes kind of glazed over as we read about everything from her shampoo habits to her devastatingly elaborate serum routine (that's saying something, because we love a good serum routine). It's just that there are only so many luxury brands one can name-drop in a single piece before it starts to feel obnoxious. However, our interest was reignited when we caught wind of a product breakdown, by price, on Racked.
Bless the heart of the person who went through that NYT article and priced everything out — this is an extensive list. So, what's the grand total? Take a deep breath. The products Stewart uses on a daily basis add up to $2,103. And, says Racked, "That's not counting her services — facials, brow sculpting, hair color, etc. — which, per a conservative estimate, ring in at about $700." We're guessing this means Martha's not going to want to read our upcoming story on drugstore beauty products.
If you're curious about what exactly she's using to accrue such an obscene bill, we advise that you skip the original article and go straight to Racked. Maybe you'll appreciate knowing that one of her eye creams costs $250 even though she says she doesn't really think she needs it, but her facialist insists. Groan. (Racked)

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