Miley Cyrus Stars In Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2014 Ad Campaign: Thoughts?


Woah, right? Look, as
and Fashionista both noted, we sorta had this coming. After all, she's worn Jacobs to the Met Ball, posed naked for one of the designer's charities, and donned an MJ shirt on Instagram to show her support for the LGBT community. By now, we should all know there's very little this sometimes-called "marketing genius" does without ulterior motives (well, except for that whole tongue thing, maybe), so the Instagram post was likely a crypto preview.

As for the ad, well, it sort of speaks for itself doesn't it? Here we've got a youngster who has done almost everything she can to appear nutty, shameless, and out of control. Perhaps she's pondering her behavior in this moody, contemplative, and oddly demure photo. Frankly, it's the most composed and pouty shot we've seen from Cyrus since she posed for Annie Leibovitz waaaay back in the day. We're also digging the boyishly sexy look.
Of course, our opinion on Miley for Marc is in no way less important than yours. So, please, let us know if Cyrus and Jacobs nailed it with this ad in the comments below. (Fashionista)

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