Girls & Takeout: Our Kind Of Party

Girls_HBO_PosterPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
We'll admit it — we've already canceled our plans for Sunday evening. With the return of Girls, nothing else matters except finding a cozy spot in front of our TVs or HBO GO accounts. And, to sweeten the season three premiere, our beloved takeout platforms, GrubHub and Seamless, are teaming up with the HBO dramedy to shed a little light on what the girls of Girls like to order in. Ever wonder if you were more of a Hannah or a Jessa when it comes to your palate? Well, now you can find out.
After an intense character study, it seems the food profiles for our favorite New Yorkers are not all that surprising. Hannah Horvath is all about mixing her sweet and salty cravings. You can catch her digging into cupcakes, brownies, pizza, pasta, fried chicken, tamales, pierogis, and a single apple per month (at least she's getting some fruit). Quirky Shoshanna is all about sushi, cake pops, sliders, and vegan muffins, and she's likely to get distracted mid-bite and share food photos all over Instagram. Self-restraint is the name of the game for Marnie Michaels, who prefers to indulge in healthy salads, pressed juices, steamed vegetables, and low-carb foods. And, as for the free-spirited Jessa, she's attracted to exotic cuisine like Ethiopian food, Pakistani food, bibimbap, gamey meats, massaman curry, and cuttlefish soup.
GrubHub compared its data to these foodie profiles and found that a whopping 48% of female diners resemble Hannah, 25% match Shoshanna, and 20% match Marnie. Only 7% favor Jessa. (Maybe it's time to expand your food horizons, ladies?) In addition to these fun food personalities, GrubHub and Seamless are also celebrating the new season with promotions and free food galore. So, treat yourself to a night in with Lena Dunham and some takeout, and let's hope there won't be any more Q-tip OCD fits so we can actually keep our food down.