David Beckham Will Be Sporting Skivvies At The Super Bowl (Sorta)

hmPhoto: Courtesy of H&M.
While we've seen plenty of H&M collaborations go gangbusters, perhaps there is none quite as successful as David Beckham's underwear line. In its fifth rendition, the Becks-approved collection of men's intimates will soon be arriving at the fast-fashion retailer — but not before another appearance at the Super Bowl. Once again, Beckham will be starring in a commercial for his collaboration that will debut during the second quarter of the game.
In a peek at the segment, we see Beckham scaling pipes on the top of a building while in his signature tank and boxer briefs. We're guessing the plot has something to do with the worst walk of shame ever. But, like the rest of the world, we'll have to tune in on February 2 to find out for sure. Plus, in addition to all the Beckham eye candy, the commercial will come with some high-tech capabilities, as viewers watching from Samsung Smart TVs will also be able to test-drive ShopTV and purchase the new collection right from their sets at home. No word yet on who will actually be playing in the game or what kind of technology is required to request a David Beckham appearance at your own Super Bowl party, but, either way, who's ready for some football?

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