Instagram Confirms: NYC Is Mad Snowy

If you look out your window and up, it's nothing but blue skies. Turn that gaze downwards, however, and, well, you'll quickly remember it's January on the East Coast. Welcome, Hercules. Welcome, too, our epic snow day. (Did we mention we're wearing wool socks? Cuz we are. We're wearing wool socks as we type this.)
But, we're not the only ones reveling in this frosted wonderland. Scroll through Instagram and you'll see New Yorkers are celebrating their big powder-filled days out (or in) in majorly good-lookin' ways. From foot tracks in the snow to puppies in the snow to chic boots in the (you guess it) snow, this collection of snaps makes us have sudden affection for frigid temps. Well, kinda. Click through, and make sure share your own snow-day adventures.

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