This Magnificent Metals Eyeliner Lives Up To Its Name

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Remember a few months back when we wrote about Stila's new Magnificent Metals Eyeshadow? Those little superstars got me through the holidays. Now that it's January, my beauty goals have stopped being about wearing as much metallic foil as possible — but, I'd still like to work the metals trend into my daily look because I love it. Stila is apparently right there with me: They've followed up the eyeshadows with a similar innovation, and it's perfect for the current climate of my beauty feelings.
So, what is this magical new product? Magnificent Metal Liners, in four breathtakingly gorgeous metallic shades. My favorite hues are black-based — a black-gold and a black-tanzanite. Meaning: They look black from some angles, but when they catch light, you can see their multidimensional hues. It's the kind of effect that a pro can create with multiple products. But, for those of us who aren't professional makeup artists and are instead professionally busy and/or lazy, this all-in-one aspect is ideal.
This is such a welcome update to my go-to black eyeliner. Personally, I'm not exactly ready for the vibrant hues of spring, so having black-based metals really works for me. They're much darker than they look in the photos. And, if you want, you can smudge the liner out to be an eyeshadow. Either way, these are the perfect punk-inspired accents.
Potentially, the only flaw I've found so far is that the liner doesn't come with a brush. Luckily, I'm up to my eyeballs in makeup brushes already, but I wish I had a designated liner brush just for these products since they're so heavily pigmented. But, enough complaining. This is the next big thing for anyone who wants to work the metallic look through winter without being the equivalent of the family that keeps their Christmas lights up through March. No one wants to be that guy.
Stila Magnificent Metal Liner in Metallic Black Gold, $25, available at Sephora.

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