Ego Boost: New York's The Most Photographed Place On Earth

instagram-embeddPhoto: Via @Refinery29.
You may have guessed it from all the tourists' cameras you dodge on the regular, but now it's official. According to Google, New York City is the most photographed place in the world. And, why not? It seems like there's a landmark at every corner. Plus, it's an Instagram treasure trove.
So, how did Google figure out that NYC is the most snapped locale? Its Panoramio technology. The site allows users to tag their photos to a Google Maps locations. And, NYC had the most tags. Namely, the Empire State Building. To illustrate just how popular certain spots are for photographs, Google created a heat map. The interactive tool allows you to narrow down images by location, and explore all the amazing pictures people have snapped all over the world. It's like taking a mini vacation.
Falling just behind NYC were Rome, Barcelona, Paris, and Istanbul. All beautiful spots, to be sure, but there's no place quite like New York. And, we like to think that we take the cake for the most sought-after selfie spot on the planet, too. (Policy Mic)

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