Prada On The Price Is Right? Come On Down!

For Sheree, making it onto The Price Is Right's stage allowed her to cross off an item on her bucket list (you and us both, Sheree). And, getting there was all thanks to her knowledge of Prada footwear. Well, at least a slightly greater knowledge than her fellow contestants'. Earlier this week, a group of four Prada pairs appeared on the stage — men's loafers and oxfords and two "dressy pairs of platform pumps for her" — leaving all the contestants slightly stumped, it seemed.
Among the game-show contenders' guesses, there were $800, $950, and $1,250 estimates for the multiple pairs. We know — we wish, too. But, Sheree landed closest to the retail price with $2,300; the shoes actually collectively sell for $3,045. We admit, we haven't tuned into The Price Is Right in a few years, but if Prada is part of the offerings now, we may have to start setting the DVR. Watch ahead for Sheree's Italian-fashion victory and — naturally — her brand-new car! (Elle)

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