MAC's New Lipsticks Want To Hug Your Face, So Let Them

MAC huggable embedPhoto: Courtesy of MAC.
As far as lipstick is concerned, I'm pretty much devoted to matte finishes. I just find that if you're going to be wearing a color that would never naturally occur on a healthy face (hi, orange), it helps to wear it in a more natural-looking texture. Matte is pretty close to natural for me, as my lips generally don't shine or shimmer on their own.
Like many lipstick lovers, my appreciation for a good matte finish was originally inspired by MAC. So, when the brand's new lip line landed on my desk, I felt torn between feeling thrilled and suspicious. The collection, called Huggable Lipcolour, boasts a formula that lasts for six hours of glossy smoothness. That sounds nice, but when I think about the things I want my lips to be, "huggable" isn't really on the list. What does that even mean?
However, I put my skepticism aside and took one for a spin. I officially stand corrected: These lipsticks are lovely and not at all as glossy as I expected. They're more like the consistency of a really good lip balm, with the intense pigmentation of a lipstick. And, as far as "huggable" is concerned? It's not that it makes your lips huggable, it's that the lipstick hugs you.
I'm totally sold on this formula. And, as if that wasn't enough to convince a girl to love a lipstick, can we talk about the actual colors? There's a range here that'll appeal to everyone, from coral to berry to red and even a '90s brown. I'm really into Cherry Glaze (an orange red) and Red Necessity (a deep warm wine). But, honestly, I wouldn't throw any of these out of bed.
The verdict? While I'll always be true to my mattes, I will gladly make room in my heart and cosmetics bag for this wonderful new product. Hey, it's a new year, after all — might as well have a new lipstick game.
MAC Huggable Lipcolour, $20, available at MAC.

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