Rent This Apartment, Because Beyoncé Was Here

Formerly a Con Ed switching station, 214 Lafayette Street is now a New York City landmark. Real history happened there, people. And, by real history, we mean that Beyoncé filmed her "Halo" music video in the luxury apartment that now stands on the location. And, you can rent this real-life abode for a cool $80,000 a month. It really puts Rihanna's $39,000 monthly rent into perspective.
So, what do you get for $80K a month? Four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, for starters. We could wax poetic about the spiral staircase, indoor pool, private elevator, 25-foot ceilings, and its gorgeous design. But, truly, the real deal here is that you get to have that iconic purple sofa in your living room. You know, the living room where Bey once performed. And, the couch where she may or may not have sat down for a brief rest. Plus, you'll live alarmingly close to The Corner, where you'll find some of the best tacos in NYC. For a full, dramatic tour, check out the promotional video. But, if you want a quick hit of eye candy, click through the slideshow for a sampling of the apartment porn that is the "Halo" digs. (Curbed)

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