Santa Claus Is Coming To Town — On A Vespa?

embedSanta_Solo_LDPhoto: Courtesy of Zady/Lauren Devereux.
Listen up, procrastinators: Santa is about to save Christmas. If you've left all of your holiday shopping to the very last second, not to worry, because Zady is rolling out its life-saving Operation Santa. The project allows New Yorkers to shop the site until Tuesday, December 24 at noon, with the promise that their purchases will be delivered the same day, courtesy of couriers in reindeer sleighs on shiny Vespas. The messengers will be dressed up as Santa and drop off the gifts between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on December 24. Because who doesn't want to see Santa on a Vespa?
To sweeten the deal, Zady will also donate five percent of its proceeds to a nonprofit partner. Your purchases will be helping out The Bootstrap Project, which promotes centuries-old crafts and customs from around the world. Zady also has a holiday pop-up shop located in the Delta Terminal at LaGuardia Airport — so, if you're heading out of town, you can still get in a little quality last-minute shopping. But, if you're sticking around and taking advantage of the Vespa-flyin' Santas, leave some milk and cookies out on the stoop for 'em. It's the least you can do.