SNL: Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Upstaged By The Ladies In The Cast

Last night's Saturday Night Live, the highly anticipated Christmas special, saw host (and SNL alumnus) Jimmy Fallon and musical guest Justin Timberlake joining comedic forces yet again. With the dynamic duo backed by one of the most dynamic casts in years, the show closed out 2013 on a high note.
There were some familiar skits — Timberlake's infamous "Homelessville" number from 2006 was rebranded as "Wrappinville," with Fallon stepping in to duet with the singer. (Of course.) "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" also inevitably reared its head and even featured a surprise cameo from Madonna as well as the Bee Gees legend himself, Barry Gibb. The "Now That's What I Call Christmas" skit packed a few laughs (as well as Lorde's first official SNL parody — she's made it!), while Paul McCartney's merry Chipmunk caroling with Fallon was charming (and obviously made Fallon's life complete).
Overall, Fallon proved to be a consummate host. He was able to fulfill his inner rock-star dreams and has us excited for his upcoming Tonight Show takeover. However, we have to hand it to the women of SNL for officially killing it with their "Let's Do It in My Twin Bed" music video, the clear highlight of the evening. Kudos to them for tackling an age-old holiday-season issue — the humility of introducing your boyfriend to your childhood bedroom that's preserved in its full 1998-era glory — in hilarious musical style. "Wish we had more room, but grandma got the guest bedroom," they croon, as a creepy cat watches as Jimmy Fallon tries to get his swerve on. Awkward! And, a win.

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