10 Celeb Moments We Can Be Proud Of

This year, we got to see celebrities use an "F" word that we can really get behind: feminism. Of course, it's been around for decades — a pervasive conversation championed by riot grrls, repurposed for girl power, and made even more relevant via "binders of women." But, never before has it been so readily on the lips (or, hey, even actions) of our celebrities as it was in 2013.
Of course, we aren't suggesting that the status quo in America is hunky-dory, or that celebrities are pioneering figures of gender positivity and female empowerment. There is much to talk about and a long ways to go (and lots of people working brilliantly to get there), and the images on our screen are often more harmful than good. Yet, we're seeing a strong group of female celebrities speaking out now, more than ever. Which is important for two reasons: 1.) Mass-produced culture is providing a forum to discuss women's rights and 2.) An unprecedented number of people are joining the conversation.
Ahead, we take a look at ten definitive moments in 2013 that prove that girl power is back — and all grown up.

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