Your 2014 Horoscopes, Revealed!

Sure, trying out a new cookie recipe in the kitchen without a cookbook can be fun. Definitely educational. But, having that cookbook nearby might remind you that, no, baking soda is not baking powder and that, yes, you always add too much cinnamon — just a teaspoon is enough! We like to think of horoscopes in the same way. Yes, we know how to make a batch of gingersnaps, and we don't need the help, but it's definitely fun to get a little advice along the way.
To provide a little star-illuminated guidance for your 2014, we've tapped our go-to astrologers, The Astrotwins. They've just released their 2014 Planetary Planner, and we've excerpted a few tidbits of what to expect in the New Year, sorted by your sign. Want to read the entire breakdown of your financial, romantic, professional, and emotional future? Head on over to to pick up a copy that's — lucky for you — 30% off for Refinery29 readers under January 11, 2014 (just enter "refinery" at checkout for the discount). If that's not a good sign already, we're not sure what is!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Aries (March 20 – April 20)
This year is all about ch-ch-changes, and it’s one that can teach you a lot about inner growth and strength. From life plans and health to relationships and finances, everything is fair game for a major revamp. April 23 in particular could see a serious shake-up, as Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars will play a four-way tug of war, forcing you to compromise familial demands, your career, your relationship, and your own desires. It will definitely test you, but will also give you an opening to prioritize and find balance. By the middle of summer, you’ll have opportunities to move on up in your career, and your public image will need some rebranding from July to December. The end of the year will bring you one final challenge, but also the opportunity to push back and take charge.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Ever since Jupiter traveled through Taurus in 2011 and resulted in your 12-year life chapter, you’ve become more flexible and agile. Whether it’s separating yourself from a key player in your life or starting a new commitment, you’ve been able to roll with life’s punches and find balance. Come July, your relationships with your female counterparts could see some trials and tribulations, which will help them grow stronger. Your relationship with yourself will also grow, and you will be motivated by Mars to find an energy-releasing outlet through physical activities. And, while January obviously marks a new year for everyone, your new year really begins on April 28 with the Taurus new moon. Happy New Year!
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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
As a person who loves change and spontaneity, you might surprise yourself by actually wanting the same ol’ day in and day out. Since Jupiter is halfway through its yearlong trip through Cancer, you may find yourself wanting to settle down and nest. You might also find a long-term S.O.! Now is also the time to organize your life and think about putting fitness and health on the front burner, as opposed to the back. By the end of year, December 23 specifically, Saturn will enter Sagittarius, challenging and maturing you. The year’s four eclipses with also help declutter and help prioritize, and possibly lead you into a new romantic journey.
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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
A new year signifies a fresh new start for you, Cancer, so consider 2014 to be a thrill ride. Many aspects of your life are subject to change until mid-July, so embrace it head-on and don’t hold on to nostalgia. When Jupiter moves into Leo in July, your career, health, and level of self-confidence may take a positive turn. As for your love life, that’ll depend on your choices. Mature Cancers, as in those who choose significant others based on solid values as opposed to superficial looks, may find themselves in seriously fulfilling relationships, which might result in an addition to the household. Hey, never say never, right?
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Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Let’s call July 16, 2014 your new year, instead of January 1, because when Jupiter enters Leo, all the odds are ever in your favor. That being said though, everything leading up to the big day won’t exactly be the best. The beginning of the year may not be easy but just take everything in stride and go with the flow. Your personal and domestic life might see some changes. Relationships with female relatives, especially mothers and children, will be tested and plans to move into a bigger home might have to be more realistic than idealistic. By the end of December, when Saturn moved into Sagittarius for the next three years, you could potentially meet that love of a lifetime — if you’re realistic about expectations, that is. Prince Charming may not ride in on a white horse, but he may drive a white Volvo. You’ll also get a chance to reflect on the year’s changes — before 2015 hits.
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Virgo (August 23 — September 22)
Get ready to spread those social butterfly wings, you introvert Virgos. The year promises to breathe renewed life into your everyday social relationships, and predicts you’ll be reconnecting with old pals and making new friends. And, with your social life getting a reboot, you may also find yourself embarking on a business venture come spring or collaborating on money-making creative projects. Speaking of moola, a total lunar eclipse will fall in Libra, your money sign, on April 15 (tax day, hello!) so look forward to a sweet return or a boost in your savings account. It’s gonna be a good year to put your budgeting skills to work. On the wellness front, give yourself plenty of time to indulge (you deserve it) but don’t bail on your resolution; kickoff your healthy habits before Mercury goes retrograde on February 12 — right before Valentine’s Day.
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Libra (September 23 — October 22)
You’re going to be on fire in 2014. First, that motivating Mars will stick around until July 25, really pushing your personal ambitions to next-level heights. Second, with that vote of confidence in place, you may find yourself oozing with a newfound, adventurous sex appeal. Third, great news, you’ll finally figure out what you want in your professional life. That means if you see an amazing challenge that scares you, take it! Jupiter comes around like this every 12 years so don’t hold back. Keep an eye on your bank account though, especially when Saturn goes retrograde from March 2 through July 20. A big day you’ll want to mark on your calendar is April 15 when your Libra full moon will also be a total eclipse. Surprises await!
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Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)
You’ve come a long way, Scorpio. Feel like you’ve been coming into a new identity for the past three years? Blame the two years of eclipses on the Scorpio/Taurus axis — you’re a real trouper for sticking it out! Fortunately for you, all that time and hard work will soon be paying off when you get to unveil your new-and-improved self. As in, answers to life’s bigger questions will become clearer, undiscovered paths will unwind, and revitalizing energies will come your way. Pencil in April 28 and October 23, which will be your last two eclipses of the year on that sneaky Scorp/Taur axis. As you digest all of these changes, remember to take a breather. Take time to travel for vacation, pay attention to your health, and weed out any friends who bring negative vibes. Basically, do you. 

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Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)
You’ll always be massively popular, but 2014 will be about cultivating ties with the core group that matters the most. You might get emotionally deep with these important connections, and it’ll be a good thing! Expect big overhauls: a new job, a deserved advancement, a move, maybe an engagement, or even a bun in the oven (wink, wink). At the same time, be wary of people you have second thoughts about. You’re incredibly non-judgmental, genuine, and affable and some may try to take advantage of you. Look out for full lunar eclipses on April 15 and October 8 on that Aries/Libra axis, which will bring on major shifts with BFFs or a romantic partner. Your new year, of course, begins on November 22, and while that’s still many moons away, take these upcoming months to unwind, open up, peel back the layers, and let a few good souls in. Because after that, you’re on your way into a personal journey.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Capricorn (December 22- January 19)
The beginning of the year will be, in a word, amazing. With five planets all in Capricorn, you should definitely seize the spotlight and make things about you — and you only. But, it’s not all fun and games in 2014 — there’s a dash of much-needed change in the mix as well. Mars will be in Libra until the end of July, so don’t be afraid to take risks and bring your A-game to get to where you truly want to be. You’ll also spend that time in a relationship and learn how to be part of an emotional team. With Saturn in Scorpio in December, networking and building relationships with mutual gain will take importance in your life causing you to possibly form a tighter circle of friends at the end of the year.
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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
The first seven months of the year will be all about you and your completely transformed bod — how’s that for sticking to your resolutions? That same integrity and perfectionism will transfer to other aspects of your life, like your career, but it will take some hard work and focus. The middle of the year can bring some much-needed energy and zest into your life, and in July, a professional or romantic relationship can become official and prosperous. The year’s eclipses will force you to prioritize and will teach you a new, radical way of thinking that you wouldn’t have expected. Don’t worry, that change is exactly what you need to be your best self yet.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20) You are in for one heckuva year, Pisces, so get ready. Romance, possible fertility, and even continued education is on your cards in 2014. Take this time to define your life and call your own shots, instead of letting others dictate your actions. The first half of the year will be exciting, but by July, things will have thankfully died down so you can settle and take it all in. The four eclipses this year will reshape your life in more ways than one from your mindset to the number of stamps on your passport.

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