Beauty Products We Want For Christmas (But Won’t Get Because They Don’t Exist)

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We have a lot of beauty needs. We also have a lot of beauty products. The problem? Not all of our products meet all of our needs. Remarkable, we know, but true: Sometimes a girl just needs something that doesn't exist. For example, I personally would love Sephora to start making its legendary cream lip stain in clear so that I can use it as a topcoat to make all other lipsticks as long-lasting. Please?
The following is a list of such products — the ones we'd love to get for Christmas, but won't, because they don't exist (yet). Be sure to let us know the made-up things you're pining for, too.
"Liquid eyeliner with an eraser." — Amanda Saviñón, photo assistant
"A little brush that has a moisturizer attached. That way, you could squeeze out the lotion, and moisturize your nose crevice after blowing your nose." — Katie Lincoln, associate video producer
"I need an invisible spaceman helmet to go around my head on windy days, because the wind lifting my bangs off my forehead is my least favorite thing in the world." — Leeann Duggan, style features editor
"A nail polish that physically cannot stick to skin and/or cuticles. So, even if you're awful at staying in the lines when polishing your own nails, it just comes off and you have a beautiful mani that doesn't look like the work of an ambitious five-year-old." — Lauren Caruso, contributor network editor
"I want the makers of my favorite fragrances to team up with the makers of my favorite hair products so that my hair sprays and oils smell the same as my perfume. It feels kind of silly to spritz on a lovely perfume while getting dressed in the morning only to cover it up 10 minutes later with eau de hair products." — Brittnee Cann, QA analyst
"My hair is fine, wavy, and dry, which means that I have to use a ton of products (in small amounts) to get my hair to behave. Meaning: keratin leave-in conditioning spray, volume spray, serum on the lengths, salt spray, possibly some hair powder at the roots, hairspray, shine spray. Yeesh. My life would be so much less cluttered if I could just find the product that would do everything, all the time, forever. Is that so much to ask?! (Don't answer that.)" — Tara Rasmus, assistant beauty editor
"I love the idea of nail-polish strips, but I hate how they only come in fishnet and leopard and other weird patterns. I wish they would make a full line of colors, and some more fashion-forward nail art like a half-moon manicure or chevron." — Lexi Nisita, news editor
"If you chew your nails relentlessly (past the gross, sulfur-flavored polish that is meant to dissuade you), then what if you had some sort of visual punishment for your nibbling? So, instead, think of a nail polish that stains your mouth when your nails hit your saliva, showing off your horrible habit via some unsightly dye." — Leila Brillson, senior news editor

What say you, readers? Any inventions you want in your hands, like, now?

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