The Best Memes Of 2013: Many Laughs, Such Doge

If only we could write this entire post in Doge. It would capture the entirety of 2013 in, like, six words. We, however, won't do that, as Doge is a freakishly advanced linguistic system that many of us are still learning (sorry LOLcats). This year was a rather tame year for memes, though (some wow, whur r meme, halp).
Aside from Doge, pop culture and the entertainment industry inspired some of the better Internet laughs this year. Miley Cyrus obviously owned the scene, but Beyoncé landed her own meme, too (unwillingly or not). We mistook legs for ballpark franks, and cats turned the sporting world into something soft and cuddly. We watched Scarlett Johansson take a tumble, as Julia Stiles held on for dear life. It was a year of weird, random, uh...what? kind of meme moments. The Internet fell off some deep end, and humor hasn't been the same since. Put a bird on it? Nah, just put a meme on it.

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