The Best Memes Of 2013: Many Laughs, Such Doge

If only we could write this entire post in Doge. It would capture the entirety of 2013 in, like, six words. We, however, won't do that, as Doge is a freakishly advanced linguistic system that many of us are still learning (sorry LOLcats). This year was a rather tame year for memes, though (some wow, whur r meme, halp).
Aside from Doge, pop culture and the entertainment industry inspired some of the better Internet laughs this year. Miley Cyrus obviously owned the scene, but Beyoncé landed her own meme, too (unwillingly or not). We mistook legs for ballpark franks, and cats turned the sporting world into something soft and cuddly. We watched Scarlett Johansson take a tumble, as Julia Stiles held on for dear life. It was a year of weird, random, uh...what? kind of meme moments. The Internet fell off some deep end, and humor hasn't been the same since. Put a bird on it? Nah, just put a meme on it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shibe Doge.
Out with the LOLcat and in with the doge. This meme was/is/will be around for a stupid long time. Whatever existential meaning this lil' dog holds is beyond us. Why we get such joy out of scrolling through pages upon pages of doge is also beyond us. One thing we do know: If you look at doge long enough, you will start speaking it. You've been warned.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hot Dog Legs.
Hot Dog Legs
Creepy? Awesome? Genius? Who cares — our summer beach pictures haven't been the same.
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Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme.
Dog(e)s In Tights
This happened. This happened, like, a lot.
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Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme.
Scarlett Johansson Falling Down
Johansson really ate it while on set, and someone on the Internet decided to Photoshop the action shot on things. Here, she's fallen because of an arrow to the leg; in others, she's playing the bongos, riding a wave, and escaping other memes-of-late.
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Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme.
Surprised Patrick
Here's an example of someone having too much time on their hands and access to photo-editing software. Thank the Internet gods for that person, though. Surprised Patrick popped up everywhere from the Mona Lisa to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance.
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Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme.
Unflattering Beyoncé
Bey kicked off 2013 with the presidential inauguration and ended it with a surprise album. Her Super Bowl concert, however, yielded some pretty, er, aggressive shots of the star. She and her team tried to erase them from the Internet, but the Internet wouldn't let her. It, instead, put the aggressive Bey in random moments of history and life. Make of it what you will.
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Sports Balls Replaced With Cats
It might've been the year of the doge, but cats still dominated the zeitgeist. They also, apparently, elevated sports to a whole new level of awesomeness. Can football ever be adorable? Yes, yes it can.
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Photo: Courtesy of Julia Stiles On Things.
Julia Stiles On Things
For whatever reason, hardcore Julia Stiles fans took it upon themselves to Photoshop an image of a struggling Stiles on to things. It's like Paula Deen Riding Things but only better. The results bring weird joy — just what in the world is she escaping from?
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Photo: Courtesy of Know Your Meme.
Wrecking Ball
Miley Cyrus' ode to lost love and longing came with an unsurprisingly headline-making video. The Internet had a field day between the nudity, hammer licking, and overall ridiculousness of the visual. As a result, remixes, parodies, and Nicolas Cage Photoshop jobs happened. Oh, yes, did they happen.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bad Luck Leo.
Bad Luck Leo
Poor Leonardo DiCaprio, he always gets the short end of the stick — no matter how attractive he might be. That Oscar will be in his hands soon.

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