This Product Just Solved UGGs' Biggest Problem

Whether you're all for increasing the lifespan of the UGGs trend or you're wishing for a swift death to this particular type of footwear, we can all agree that there's nothing pleasant about a soggy, grimy-soled shearling boot in the dead of winter. In the ever-important crusade to stop the sop comes this kind-of-ingenious solution from father-daughter duo Jeffrey and Lily Smith. The fix? Puffy-boot fans, meet your savior: the Homage boot wrap, which are liners that pop onto soles of standard boots à la plastic phone covers. The future is now, folks — who knew that one day you'd be able to match your iPhone to your UGG?
Created in Santa Barbara, California — not a locale exactly known for its rough winters — these wraps will protect your stompers from filth and dirt. But, if you're blessed enough to live in a less temperate climate, we're assuming these probably won't combat those foot-deep scum-slush pools and snowdrifts. In a variety of colorways including spots, neons, and jewel tones, the liners range in price from $29.95 to $34.95. If you're into the Homage wrap (or know someone who would be), find the sole savers exclusively at

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