Olivia Wilde’s Beauty Routine Is Extremely Low-Key

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When it comes to true, long-standing girl crushes, we've had it bad for Olivia Wilde for years now (yes, ever since her days as the wild child of The O.C.). We love how Wilde brings intelligence, style, and substance to any project she does, whether she's working on her new retail company, Conscious Commerce, or collaborating with Revlon on its new Age Defying line (available in late December).
We sat down with the mom-to-be to unpack her beauty routine, her style philosophy, and her healthy approach to fitness. Read on to find out how this gorgeous, brainy lady makes it work — and why she thinks that self-love is the key to looking and feeling awesome.

What's your typical makeup routine like?

"I don't spend much time on my makeup routine at all. I really only spend 10 minutes. I'll use Revlon's CC cream, some eyeliner, some mascara, fill in the brows, and then something moisturizing on my lips, like the Lip Butters. Then, I'm good to go."

What are some of the best makeup tricks you've learned over the years?

"My best makeup secret is learning to blend. I love using a sponge like a BeautyBlender and getting it damp first. You end up using a lot less foundation if you dampen the sponge before you blend, and then you get kind of dewy. So, that's a good makeup artist secret!"

"The other thing that Gucci Westman does that I wish I could do is that she adds little freckles to your face after she applies your foundation, so that your makeup just looks like skin. It's her signature thing — she just adds the most perfect little freckles to your nose."

What's your go-to evening look?

"I'd say an eye, like a metallic eye. I'm more comfortable with a bold eye instead of a lip, because once it's done, it's done. With a bold lip, I know that I might eat something, kiss someone hello — I mess up lipstick pretty immediately. I mean, I still love it, but I feel like if I'm going to a party and I want to feel really confident, I'll just go for the metallic eye."


What about your hair? Do you have any tricks?

"Man, I wish I could do more interesting hairstyles, like braids and updos, but I keep it pretty simple. When in doubt, I think of the French. So simple and perfect and chic. I was doing a roundtable with different actresses, and Adèle Exarchopoulos from Blue Is The Warmest Color was there. Greta Gerwig and I were just in awe. [Exarchopoulos] was in flats, with her hair messy and loose, wearing just lipstick and mascara, and she looked perfect. When in doubt, keep it simple."


What's your personal philosophy about anti-aging skin care?

"Well, my mom, who's a fox, was always telling us to get out of the sun as kids. She'd be like, 'Get out of the sun, use moisturizer, take care of your skin.' She was a California teen, and fried her skin — she's aged beautifully, but she's always lamenting the fact that she used to bake in the sun with olive oil like they all did as teenagers in the '60s. So, from a young age, I was encouraged to take care of my skin. As I got older, I tried to think of aging as a negative thing, like I'm staving off this tidal wave of doom! It's more about the self-care. I just think as you get older, you should intensify the self-care a bit. It's internal, like the amount of water you're drinking and how much sleep you're getting. And then, in terms of makeup, it's like, why not use things that are designed to help with those specific aging things that happen to everyone?"

"When I was filming a commercial with Halle Berry, I asked her, 'How do you do it?' First of all, she was surprised by the question and I was like, 'Oh, don't pretend you don't get that all the time!' But, she was like, 'I just take care of myself.' She's very adamantly against plastic surgery. She's all about being good to herself. And, I thought about what would happen if we could just restructure the way we think. Like, why not just take care of yourself? It's not some admission that you've lost the anti-aging battle, it's just about maintenance and being smart."

Absolutely. So, what's your skin-care routine like right now?

"I'm pretty good about washing my face [and] moisturizing really well. I love Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream. That's one of Gucci Westman's tricks — she slathers that stuff on like a mask, and it feels so good! It's even better if you keep it in the fridge and apply it when it's cold."

"Then I exfoliate maybe once a week. I really like Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate scrub. That's kind of it. Maybe some eye cream. I'm not great about eye cream. Although I do use black tea bags that have been steeped and chilled — the caffeine is good for de-puffing. So, I just keep them in my bag."

How are you feeling about exercise? Has your routine changed since you've become pregnant?

"I'm so into Pilates. Being pregnant, Pilates has been amazing. I think that something that is that focused on form, the time you spend and the work you do will be that much more effective. I still love SoulCycle because it's so fun and so communal. I used to take dance classes, so I like being a part of the pack. I don't whoop and holler or anything — a teacher the other day sprayed me in the face with his water bottle. I was like, "Uh-uh, we're not friends like that!"

"Especially now that I'm pregnant, I've been trying to eliminate this idea that exercise should be an obligation or a chore and something you do to get thin, and instead approach it as if it's a treat for yourself. It's about self-care, self-love. It makes it so much more fun. And, it's something that more than anything else, will help every area of your life. Because it really is a type of meditation. So, exercise for me is really about self-love."
Revlon Age Defying CC Cream, $13.99, available at Ulta.

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