Cameron Diaz Looks Fabulous Without Makeup & We Love Her For It

Cameron Diaz had a big week. The There’s Something About Mary star took to Twitter and Instagram to announce her happiness about the arrival of the first copy of her first book, The Body Book.
What's most refreshing about this candid glimpse into Diaz’s life was just how darn incredible she looks without a stitch of makeup on. The snap captures the 41-year-old actress’s beaming smile, clear blue eyes, laugh lines, and freckles for the entire world to see. And, we just love it. Every celeb photo we see these day is Photoshopped beyond recognition. Pores, fine lines, and wrinkles erased at the touch of a button. And, it's exactly those details that make us who we are. They reflect our past and our present. They're beautiful.
With seemingly the whole world taking selfies of the most perfect version of themselves, it’s refreshing to see a picture of a celebrity that's not retouched like crazy. And, Diaz still looks pretty damn near perfect. You’ll have to wait 'til December 31 to get your own copy of the book. In the meantime, let's start a trend of makeup-free selfies. Who knows where it might lead us? A retweet from Ms. Diaz, perhaps?

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